Apple, CBS, Fox, Sony, Warner Bros. and 15 lain nya hacked?

Hacker UR0B0R0X claims to have compromised the websites of 20 different companies, including ZDNet’s parent company, CBS. While the identities (first name, last name, and e-mail address) of the employees working for said companies appear to be legitimate, their passwords are hashed, so there’s no way to verify if the logins are indeed legitimate. If they are, it’s possible the hacker stole whatever data the employees in question have access to

UR0B0R0X mengclaim 20 website telah di hack :
1. Addison Interactive
2. Artificial Intelligence
3.   Apple
4.   Brandon Yano
5.   Bunim/Murray Productions,
6.   CBS,
7.   Emixing,
8.   Fox,
9.   NoodleHaus,
10. Planetary Group,
11. RPM Productions,
12. Scarlet Terrier,
13. Sony,
14. Sony Pictures,
15. Subway,
16. Summit
17. Entertainment,
18. Sycamore Solutions,
19.  Union,
20. Warner Bros.,
and Vibe Creative.

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