Hai Hacker’s Howdy ….

Hai Hacker’s Howdy ….

really want to share about the hacking technique which is owned by the old hacker, this story is not a step by step, not oday lamerz joy, but the basic ingredients may be raw ideas. I just continue what ever i know, just for pure science.

THC has assembled novel hackers from around the world. Our mission is to expose fishy security products and make sure that your rights are protected. Founded in 1995 THC has published over 70 papers and software releases. In contrast to most security companies, THC aims at analyzing and preventing novel, emerging security problems. The group fosters independent research not driven by commercial interests and paradigms. Currently, THC is among the top non-commercial security groups worldwide [thc.org].

*** Vodafone Phone Hacking Scandal ***

Vodafone customers are exposed to phone tapping. THC reveals secrets of Vodafone’s insecure Femto equipment.
Crappy and braindead design of femto puts customers at risk. Problem can not be fixed by hardening femto. Redesign (e.g. removing mini RNC from the femto) is the only secure way forward. Vodafone urget to improve security.3G/UMTS/WCDMA has such nice security features. Shame to see how one operator can fuck it up so badly…  need  more

At Last spirit of open source never ever go die … :mrgreen:


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